Nadine Umbscheiden

When I am not working, you can find me underwater with Michael. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by sharks. My favorite shark is the Tiger Shark, and in particular, Emma, a 4,5 meter female located in The Bahamas, is closest to my heart. A special experience was being a model snorkeling with pigs in The Bahamas!

In 2002 I captured my images using a Motomarine MX5, later on a Motomarine MM3, Canon 350D, Canon 40D and Canon EOS 50D in a Sea & Sea housing. Now I use a 5DM3 in an Aquatica housing with two Subtronic strobes.

Michael Umbscheiden

Like Nadine, I have loved sharks since my early childhood. My favorite sharks are the Great White Shark and the Hammerhead Shark. My greatest experiences when diving were the out of the cage diving with Great Whites in Guadalupe and the encounters with large schools of Silky and Hammerhead Sharks at Cocos Island, Malpelo, Galapagos and also with a Great Hammerhead Shark located in The Bahamas. Furthermore it was outstanding to snorkel with four Orcas attacking six Spermwhales!

In 2002 I started to capture my videos with a Sony DCR-PC120E, a Sony DCR-PC350E in an Gun Lux housing. Later on I used a HC7 in a Light & Motion housing. Now I film with a Sony HC520 in a Light & Motion housing and a Canon 5DM2  in a Sea&Sea housing with two Sola 4000.